Rap meeting


We had the pleasure today, together with a team of MOS No. 2 Szczecin visit
MOS Brata Alberta.
The talented rappers from both teams gave a show of their skills,
thank you for this and for fun throughout the evening!

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Greetings! :)

mos brata alberta

AHZ w Koszalinie


Today we visited our friends from ZASTOPUJ.PL Koszalin.
We had the pleasure, Together with our artists MOS No.. 2 in Szczecin, Koszalin support foundation
While dealing with the prevention of addiction.

By the way, we grabbed a great fun at the bowling alley and tasty pizza!
Thank you to all involved for a super trip!

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Greetings hot!



Today visited the girl with MOWu.
We had a chance to talk about forgiveness and a great time to spend together.
Thank you staff and dependents, See you soon!

Bogdan i Marek

Welcome to the weekend!

We had a busy, great time. We were visited by friends, Bogdan and Mark southern Polish.
On Saturday served by us singing during a meeting of the Church of Street on Golęcinie and shelter the homeless on street. Closed, where the action could leave
the gift of a lot of clothes for the charges and cleaning.
On Sunday we held an open concert courtesy of the congregation KZ Street, Wawrzyniaka 7 in Szczecin.

We thank our guests for the service of singing and their witness to leave the addiction.

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Trzcińsko Zdroj


Today we visited our dear friends in Trzcińsko-Zdroj.
He was dancing and conversation. We watched a movie called. “Daughter” and we ate delicious pizza.
I always enjoy us, when we have the opportunity to spend time with you.
Thank educators and dependents.

More photos can be found you.

Action team

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Addiction Prevention in Szczecin

We Welcome!
Today conducted a meeting at four locations in Szczecin, tj. in a shelter for Juvenile in Szczecin, in School No. 8, Remand Centre and MOSI No. 2.
Thank you all for a good time and thank you for a super party at MOSI No. 2 – It was delectable! :)

Photos of classes here.